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I am constantly making changes to this site so its always in a state of construction, apologies for any links or pages that might be missing. If you click on the links in the navigation bar you will be directed to topics of interest and others sites that I have created.


The world of fish has fascinated me for many years and when I was able to I invested in a small tank and learnt how to keep tropical fish. Since then I have been expanding my own collection and visiting other fish collections.

Universal Exports

EVE takes place in a cluster of stars far from mankindís original habitat, planet Earth. After enduring for millennia the impact of the collapse of the EVE gate, the human race managed to cling on avoid extinction. Out of the few that survived five major empires rose up and between them they hold the balance of power within the world of EVE.


Growing up with my parents, we were always surrounded by pets, eventually the pets took over and took on a form of thier own. For a number of years now Marion and Paul Cserfalvi - Young have been involved in the breeding and upbringing of the English Bull Terrier breed.

People and Places

People I have met and places I have been that are interesting to me.

MCY Gallery

A collection of art work completed by the artist Mrs Marion Cserfalvi-Young.

West of England Bull Terrier Club

To encourage its members in the management, breeding, training, exhibiting and every aspect relating to the improvement of Bull Terriers. To encourage breeders, judges and exhibitors to accept the correct type of Bull Terrier according to the Kennel Club Standard. To foster friendly relations with and between other Bull Terrier Clubs.