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Its pretty hard to see any fish at the bottom of the tank, among the bug wood and the plants. Most of them like to hide away in the dark corners waiting for the lights to go out so they can move around in the open. However sometimes they do emerge and I am able to work out how many fish I have.

The most active and visible of the bottom fish are the Botia species. Commonly known as the Clown Loach. This are yellow and black stripped and like to swim around in their little pack of six. I have had these fish for a new of years and they are now growing rather large, however they can be a pain to keep because they dont have scales and are rather prone to illness. Specially when new fish are added to the tank or I spook them during heavy tank maintenance.

I have one RTS (Red Tailed Shark) I also believe people call them RBS (Redtail Black Shark). Either way this fish is a interesting character which a striking red tail which seems to provide me with a tank water quality indicator. When the tank is at its best his tail will be very deep red and bright, when its needing maintenance it will become more pink and transparent. I have also noticed when he is suffering from a illness he will also lose the colour on his tail. He is a very territoral fish and likes to fight for his domain. However recently he has learnt its best to leave the angel fish alone after suffering some minor fin loss.

Among the bog wood live a number bottom feeders, Two large plec's not sure of their L numbers roam around doing damage to the plants at night. While two smaller plec's a clown plec and a bristle nose tend to feed on the algae and clean the glass.

The Plecs where among the first fish I purchased when starting out in the hobby. Like all novice aquarium owners I liked the small plecs and though they would help with the maintenance of the tank. However you soon come to understand that they grow and will soon out grow your tank. They were cm's long at the start now they are 9-10 inches in length. Definately a fish to think about before purchasing.