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Black and White Marble Angel Fish Currently the middle of the tank is occupied by Angels. I have 4 medium sized fish which I believe are made up of two pairs. The first of the angels I purchased is silver and black in colour with blue hues across the fins, with both eyes a deep red. I believe this one is a female as I have seen her rubbing up against various things in the tank leaving a trail of eggs.

The second angel I purchased had a yellow and white colour body, more yellow towards the top and around the head with white moving out towards the fins. This one is the more agressive of the 4 and constantly will engage the others although is more hostile to the silver and black one.

The next angels were purchased together. They looked the same in the shop at the time both with a marble effect with a black and white mix of colour. However as they have grown one has produced a more fancy fin array while the other has produced yellow colour towards the top and along the head. I believe the one with yellow pigments is a female. While the other has partnered up with the black and Silver fish. So far they have produced 4 sets of eggs, however I have yet managed to stop them eating them before I can remove them from the tank.